Service Overview

Our Grinding and Polishing Service:

  • Hand operated grinding and polishing of complex and often unique engineered parts. At any location!
  • Automated grinding and polishing of steel tubes, welded steel tubing and steel components:
    • Basic grinding pattern and industrial polishing
    • Gradual grinding and yacht finish (mirror) polishing
    • Steel tubes: Dia. Ø (bore) 6 mm – 400 mm, length of 0,10 m to 7 m
    • Solid steel bar: Dia. Ø (bore) 6 mm – 120 mm
    • Special section tube and box girder: Length of 0,10 to 6 m (max. 600 mm x 600 mm) :
    • for different dimensions please contact us
    • Angle steel and H-profile (inside and outside): Length of 0,10 to 600 mm
    • Flat bar steel: Maximum dimensions - width 150 mm / height 60 mm / length 8080 mm
    • Metal sheet cuttings:
      • Max. 1000 x 2000 mm lengthwise
      • Max. 1000 x 4000 mm crosswise
      • up to 1 to weight
  • Custom made engravings
  • Corrosion prevention

Impressions of our grinding and polishing products:

Polierte Schweißnaht Polierte Spezialklüse Rohrpolitur am Automaten Rohre schleifen am Automaten Rohre schleifen am Automaten Scheuerleisten Polierter Poller Polierter Poller
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